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News from Rotary Inter-Country Committees Italy - Malta - San Marino

  • From 22nd to 25th September 2022 - CIP Meeting in Modena - Event organized by the Inter-Country Committee Italy, Malta, San Marino, Switzerland, Liechtenstein.

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  • May 21, 2022 - Brussels (Belgium) - During the meeting of the ICC Executive Council, ceremony of constitution and delivery of the Charts of Agreement of two new Inter-Country Committees between:
    - Italy, Malta, San Marino and Serbia, Montenegro
    - Italy, Malta, San Marino and Spain.
  • From 13th to 15th May 2022 - Brussels (Belgium) - Rotary4Europe - Initiative created in Rotarian year 2018-2019 by Rotary Districts 1580, 1600, 1630, 1660, 1680, 1770, 1870, 1900, 1910, 2202, 2470 , 2031, 2032, 2041, 2050, 2060, 2071, 2080, 2090, 2100, 2110, E.R.I.C. and Rotaractor Districts, based on annual seminars dedicated to Rotarians and Rotaractors under 26, to meet European politics and institutions, with the aim of bringing young people closer to European ideals by relating them to Rotarians "for a society fairer, more sustainable and inclusive ", and therefore to the activities and purposes of the European Union.

    3rd Edition of the Seminar (responsible PDG Antonietta Fenoglio, D-2031), with 24 fellows from eight Italian Rotary Districts, organized at the headquarters of the Belgium-Italy Chamber of Commerce (Managing Director Giorgio De Bin) by Rotary4Europe (creator and coordinator PDG Patrizia Cardone, D-2080) and the Rotary District 2031 (Governor Luigi Viana), with the collaboration of Rotaract (Vincenzo Vaccaro, District Rotaract 2031, and Marcello Andria, Italian Rotaract contact person), with the support of the Inter-Country Committee Belgium, Luxembourg (ICC National Coordinator Nathalie Huyghebaert and ICC National Section Chair Azelio Fulmini) / Italy, Malta, San Marino (ICC National Coordinator Alessandro Pastorini and ICC National Section Chair Carlo Felice Corsetti).
  • May 14, 2022 - Zadar (Croatia) - Ceremony of constitution and delivery of the Chart of Agreement of the new Inter-Country Committee between Croatia and Italy, Malta, San Marino.
  • April 23, 2022 - Jerez de la Frontera (Spain) - Twinning ceremony between Rotary Club Manduria (District 2120, Italy) and Rotary Club Estepona-Costa del Sol (District 2203, Spain).
  • April 2, 2022 - Rotary Inter-Country Committees International Conference - Dreaming Peace Together - Virtual online conference.

    Support for humanitarian crisis in Ukraine - Event organized by the ICC Executive Council in partnership with Rotaract Europe MDIO (ERIC - European Rotaract Information Center) and in replacement of the ICC International Conference and General Assembly in Kiev.
  • March 4, 2022 - The Rotary Foundation creates a channel for direct humanitarian support in Ukraine region:
    - Disaster Response Fund
  • From 1st to 6th April 2022 - Ostuni (Italy) - Series of meetings for the creation of a twin club relationship between the Rotary Club Ostuni-Valle d'Itria and Rosa Marina (D-2120, Italy) and the Rotary Club Strasbourg Kléber (D-1680, France).

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