Rotary twin Clubs

Rotary International indicates that twin clubs, or sister clubs, are two clubs from different countries that form a long-term relationship to promote international understanding and goodwill and carry out service projects in their communities.
When looking for a partner Club, Rotary International invites to consider clubs that:
- Share similar interests, challenges, or history
- You’ve worked with in the past
- Are located in a place that matches your club’s service interests
- Speak a common language.
It is usual practice that, within each interested Club, twinning proposals can be presented both by individual Members and by the Board of Directors. If the Board of Directors agrees on a proposal, it is appropriate for it to be submitted for approval by the Members during a Club Assembly.
To formally recognize the twinning relationship, the “Twin Club - Certificate of Recognition” document
must be signed in the name of the Club Presidents. The Certificate of Recognition can be downloaded from, or by clicking on Twin Club Certificate of Recognition (text in English) and on Gemellaggio di Club Certificato di riconoscimento (text in Italian).
Considering that the management of twin Rotary Clubs is the responsibility of the Inter-Country Committees (as reported in the Rotary Code of Policies, downloadable document at the bottom of the page
"Rotary Inter-Country Committees (ICC)" of this website), for the establishment of a new twinning between Rotary Clubs, the following is suggested:
a) the Certificate of Recognition must be signed by the Presidents of the two Clubs during a Signing Ceremony, which - by consolidated practice - should include the participation of the Governors of the Rotary Districts to which the respective Clubs belong;
b) the Chairs of the respective National Sections of the Inter-Country Committees (ICC) should also be invited to the Signing Ceremony of the Certificate of Recognition;
c) finally, it is a good practice that the two ICC National Coordinators of the countries to which the twin clubs belong are also informed of the event.

Twin Rotary Clubs of ITALY, MALTA and SAN MARINO