Rotary Inter-Country Committes (ICC) − Organization structure

ICC Executive Council

The Rotary Inter-Country Committees Executive Council is a resource for Rotary districts and countries wishing to form a new Inter-Country Committee. It collects and shares best practices for forming Inter-Country Committees and subsequent projects and activities. It sees the promotion, coordination and supervision of Inter-Country Committees by organizing colloquiums and conferences et developing brochures, websites and any other tool that may used toward this end.
The ICC Executive Council also maintains a list of Inter-Country Committee National Chairs and active Inter-Country Committees, made available through its website.
Each year, the ICC Executive Council address an activity report of the Inter-Country Committees to the RI General Secretary.
The ICC Executive Council is led by the ICC Executive board and the ICC National Coordinators which form a diverse international group dedicated to helping the Inter-Country Committees to increase and take action.

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ICC Executive Council Chairman

The Chairman presides over the ICC Executive Council and the ICC Executive Board and is elected to a two-year term. He acts as the liaison between Inter-Country Committees and Rotary International. He promotes the advancement of ICC in all countries and submits an annual report to Rotary International in July each year.

Chairman 2020-2022
Rotary Club Paris Agora (D-1660, France)

Cyril Noirtin is associate-CEO at ISC PARIS Business School, a higher education institution in management sciences. 

A Rotary member since 2002, Cyril has served as a club President, district officer, a member of the Rotary Foundation Peace Center Committee, member of the RI Service to Young Adult Committee , the RI Rotaract Committee and Treasurer and Vice-Chair of the Rotary Inter-Country Committee Executive Council.
He is a former member and European President of Rotaract and a former participant in the Rotary Youth Exchange program.
In addition to his duty as Chairman of the ICC Executive Council, Cyril also serves Rotary International as Rotary Primary Representative to the UNESCO & the OECD and Chairman of the Rotary international Taipei Preconvention meeting organizing committee.
Cyril is a recipient of The Rotary Foundation's Service Regional Award for a Polio-Free World and a Major Donor of the Rotary Foundation.

ICC Executive Board

The ICC Executive Council is led by the ICC Executive Board which consists of the Chair of the ICC Executive Council, the Immediate Past Chair, the Vice Chair & Chair-elect, the General Secretary and the Treasurer.
The Vice Chair is preparing for the next term; offers his availability for all occasions to engage with day-by-day activities of ICC and of the Executive Council and possibly builds knowledge and awareness about ICC activities in several countries.

The General Secretary maintains an updated list of Inter-Country Committees and of National Coordinators and holds the record of attendance at meetings.
The Treasurer is responsible for the funds of the Executive Council, calls for contributions, pays the bills and submits an annual financial report to the general assembly of the Executive Council.
The Executive Board may be assisted in their task by a support team (Webmaster, Marketing Task Force, Service manager, ...) appointed by the ICC Executive Council Chairman.

The members of the ICC Executive Board for the years 2020-2022 are:

  • Cyril NOIRTIN, Chairman of ICC Executive Council, R.C. Paris Agora (D-1660, France)
  • Mohamed GHAMMAM, ICC Vice Chairman & Chair-Elect 2022-2024, R.C. Sidi Bou Said (D-9010, Tunisia)
  • Bertrand BARANOVSKY, ICC General Secretary, R.C. Rennes (D-1650, France)
  • Marcel TILKIN, ICC Treasurer, R.C. Liège (D-1630, Belgium)
  • Ovidiu COS, ICC Past Chair 2018-2020, R.C. Alba Iulia (D-2241, Romania)
  • Serge GOUTEYRON, ICC Honorary Chairman, R.C. Valenciennes Denain-aérodrome (D-1670, France)

ICC National Coordinators

The ICC National Coordinator promotes, coordinates and supervises the ICC activities in his country.
The National Coordinator is being selected for a three year term by the Governors of the country he represents.
National Coordinators take an active part as members of the Executive Council, present the activities in their Countries, use Executive Council meetings to discuss bilateral matters with other National Coordinators. The National Coordinator
 undertakes the same mission as the Executive Board in his own country.
The National Coordinators send an annual report of ICC activities to the Chair and the General Secretary of the Executive Council, who in turn submit a final report on ICC activities in all countries to the General Secretary of Rotary International.

The ICC National Coordinators for each country or geographical area are:

  1. Africa (Central: Burundi, Central African Republic, Democratic Rep. of Congo, Congo Brazzaville, Cameroun, Chad, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Rwanda, São Tomé & Príncipe): Yaovi TIGOE, R.C. Libreville Okoumé (D-9150, Gabon)
  2. Africa (Southern Central: Botswana, Eswatini, Malawi, Mozambique, Zambia, Zimbabwe): Hutch MTHINDA, R.C. Lilongwe (D-9210, Malawi)
  3. Africa (Western: Benin, Mali, Togo): Hilaire M. LOCOH-DONOU, R.C. Lomé (D-9102, Togo)
  4. Algeria: Tewfik GHERSI, R.C. Alger (D-9010, Algeria)
  5. Argentina: Celia GIAY, R.C. Arrecifes (D-4825, Argentina)
  6. Armenia: Michel DAVOUDIAN, R.C. Gyumri (D-2452, Armenia)
  7. Austria: Paul JANKOWITSCH, R.C. Baden (D-1910, Austria)
  8. Belarus: Alexander BEZBERDY, R.C. Minsk (D-2232, Belarus)
  9. Belgium and GD Luxembourg (BeLux): Nathalie HUYGHEBAERT, R.C. Villers-la-Ville (D-2150, Belgium)
  10. Bolivia: Reynaldo BURGOA MIRONES, R.C. La Paz-Sopocachi (D-4690, Bolivia)
  11. Bosnia - Herzegovina: Nedžad PIRIĆ, R.C. Tuzla (D-1910, Bosnia - Herzegovina)
  12. Brazil: Augusto Cesar SCORZA, R.C. Campinas-Sul (D-4590, Brazil)
  13. Bulgaria: Kalcho HINOV, R.C. Sofia-Vitosha (D-2482, Bulgaria)
  14. China (People's Republic of China): Richard ZI, R.C. Shanghai West (Non-districted (0052), China)
  15. Colombia: Aura Stella CARDONA PRADILLA, R.C Medellín-Nutibara (D-4271, Colombia)
  16. Croatia: Ana KANJERA, R.C. Zagreb Metropolitan (D-1913, Croatia)
  17. Cyprus: Gultac OZSAN, R.C. Kyrenia Cosmopolitan (D-2452, Cyprus)
  18. Czech Republic - Slovakia: Martin SAITL, R.C. Třebíč (D-2240, Czech Republic)
  19. Denmark: Anette LØWERT, R.C. Assens (D-1461, Denmark)
  20. Ecuador: Daniel VALDIVIESO ARIAS, R.C. Loja Los Zarzas (D-4400, Ecuador)
  21. Egypt: Soheir WAHIB, R.C. Cairo Rhein-Nile (D-2451, Egypt)
  22. France: Joêlle CRAMOIX, R.C. Prades Conflent (D-1700, France)
  23. Georgia: Irakli MAGHLAPERIDZE, R.C. Rustavi International (D-2452, Georgia)
  24. Germany: Udo NOACK, R.C. Hildesheim-Rosenstock (D-1800, Germany)
  25. Great Britain and Ireland (RIBI): James ONIONS, R.C. Kew Gardens (D-1145, England)
  26. Greece: Spiros MAVRAKOS, R.C. Kifissia (D-2470, Greece)
  27. Hungary: Erzsébet KOVÁCSNÉ GILA, R.C. Szentes-Csongrád (D-1911, Hungary)
  28. India: Deepak TALWAR, R.C. Delhi Chanakyapuri (D-3011, India)
  29. Israel: Gideon PEIPER, R.C. Ramat Hasharon (D-2490, Israel)
  30. Italy - Malta - San Marino: Alessandro PASTORINI, R.C. Genova (D-2032, Italy)
  31. Jordan: Ibrahim KATTAN, R.C. Amman Cosmopolitan (D-2452, Jordan)
  32. Kosovo: Dardan VELIJA, R.C. Prishtina International (Not-districted Area, Kosovo)
  33. Lebanon: Randa ZAOUK, R.C. Tripoli (D-2452, Lebanon)
  34. Lithuania: Juozas ŠARKUS, R.C. Vilnius (D-1462, Lithuania)
  35. Mauritania: Saidou Amadou KANE, R.C. Nouakchott (D-9010, Mauritania)
  36. Moldova: Luminita GAVRILUTA, R.C. E-club of Moldova International (D-2241, Moldova)
  37. Morocco: Saadia AGLIF, R.C. Rabat (D-9010, Morocco)
  38. North Macedonia - Slovenia: Emilija PAJKOVSKA, R.C. Skopje-International (D-1912, North Macedonia)
  39. Palestine: Iyad ABURDEINEH, R.C. Bethlehem (D-2452, Palestine)
  40. Philippines: Edmond AGUILAR, R.C. Chinatown-Manila (D-3810, Philippines)
  41. Poland: Ryszard ŁUCZYN, R.C. Zamosc Ordynacki (D-2231, Poland)
  42. Portugal: Cecília SEQUEIRA, R.C. Porto (D-1970, Portugal)
  43. Romania: Ovidiu COS, R.C. Alba Iulia (D-2241, Romania)
  44. Russian Federation: Olga KHOLMOGOROVA, R.C. St. Petersburg White Nights (D-2223, Russian Federation)
  45. Senegal: Christian FAYE, R.C. Dakar Millénium (D-9101, Senegal)
  46. Serbia - Montenegro: Vesna BAUR, R.C. Cakak (D-2483, Serbia)
  47. Singapore: Jimmy OOI, R.C. Singapore (D-3310, Singapore)
  48. Spain: Francisco (Paco) CHAPA MORA, R.C. Denia (D-2203, Spain)
  49. Switzerland - Liechtenstein: Hansruedi MOSER, R.C. Nidau-Biel (D-1990, Switzerland)
  50. Taiwan: Dolly MENG-LING TU (Dolly) 杜孟玲, R.C. E-Club of Taipei Midtown (D-3482, Taiwan)
  51. Tanzania: Harish BHATT, R.C. Bahari-Dar-es-Salaam (D-9211, Tanzania)
  52. Tunisia: Mohamed Moncef SIALA-HAMADI, R.C. Tunis Golfe (D-9010, Tunisia)
  53. Turkey: Canan ERSÖZ, R.C. Adana-Güney (D-2430, Turkey)
  54. Ukraine: Vira SYRYAMINA, R.C. Lviv-Zamok (D-2232, Ukraine)
  55. USA: Dana MOLDOVAN, R.C. Westlake Village (D-5240, USA)
  56. Venezuela: Thomas HACKER, R.C. Puerto Ordaz (D-4370, Venezuela)

ICC National Sections

Rotary Inter-Country Committees can have national relationships (ICC National Sections) or sub-national relationships between two or more nations.
To form an Inter-Country Committee (ICC National Section) between two or more nations, it is necessary that there be approval by all the District Governors of those nations.
Sub-national Inter-Country Committees require the consensus of all districts participating in the relationship. 
Interested Rotarians in each nation are required to form a planning commission to create an Inter-Country Committee. It is responsibility of the planning commission of each country to obtain approval to organize an Inter-Country Committee by the Governors of all the districts of that nation.
Each ICC National Section thus regularly constituted is led by a Chair, elected by the participating districts for a three-year term, with the task of maintaining relations with the other ICC participating, identifying potential common projects and activities to be undertaken, organizing planning meetings and events suitable for these purposes.
Inter-Country Committees must abide by the rules governing organizations in their country and shall have, in addition to the chair, a secretary and a treasurer. The chair serves for three years, the other leaders should rotate on an annual basis.
An established Inter-Country Committee shall inform the ICC Executive Council of its formation.